Personal training, nutritional coaching and lifestyle help for health, fitness and vitality.

Personal Training

Personal Training

One-on-one training at your own pace and in your own environment gives you the motivation and support to succeed. Dual approach with ongoing nutritional coaching, homework programmes and out of hours support.

Partner Training

Training with a Partner

All the benefits of one-on-one personal training while saving you money. Have fun and get fit and toned together. Includes ongoing nutritional support.

50 Plus fitness

50Plus Fitness

Enjoy a better long term quality of life improving your fitness & flexibility with gentle, challenging exercise at a pace you’re comfortable with, combined with sensible eating.

Prenatal Training

Pre Natal Personal Training

Safe, effective training regimes for both pre and post birth with a focus on health, fitness and toning.

Wedding fitness

Wedding Fitness

Drop a dress or suit size (or two) and tone up for the big day so that you both look and feel great!

Training for Golf

Personal Training  for Golf

Golf specific one-on-one fitness training can add 50+ yards to your drive and improve your accuracy, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Training for Polo

Personal Training for Polo

Up your game in the most demanding of sports. Specific training on sling systems, core stability & speed will make you fitter & stronger.

Nutriton and Wellbeing

Nutrition & Well-Being

Learn to eat well for health and vitality with our balanced, lifestyle-oriented whole food approach. Treats allowed!