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What we Learned in 2008 Continued

By January 20, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

One of my very own personal trainer clients in Maidenhead was asking this morning if the old wives tale about fish oil is really true and should she be taking it for the protection against arthritis. A study in April of last year showed that it really does work. For the study on rheumatiod arthritis 100 sufferers were given either a 10mg daily dose of cod liver oil or a placebo. After 9 months almost 40% of those taking the fish oil reported  a reduction in reliance on painkillers without feling any ill effects, while only 16% of the placebo takers reported an improvement. As I also told my lady in Maidenhead, I take fish oil myself, and despite their weekly dose of running, squash, badminton, rowing, lunges, kitesurfing and mountain biking (ah, the joys of personal training at home!)  my knees are greatlly improved than the state they were in 2 years ago.

Also recomended is glucosamine, more on that later! 

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