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Why "Diets Don't Work"?

By July 4, 2008 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

While confirming some payment details for a new personal training client of ours in west London, I was asked about our name. During her consultation, her trainer remarked that in her particular case the problem was 90% connecteced with her diet. “Hang on” thought the client, “I thought you were from Diets Don’t Work?” She then passed these thoughts on to me. So, to clarify, by “diets” we mean any fad/fashion/quirky nutrition plan that relies on you eating milkshakes for 3 months, or only meat protein and fat and so on.

Any diet or nutrition plan that puts you on less than 1200 calories per day is inherently dangerous, as is any plan that omits food groups. At Diets Don’t Work we preach the fundamentals of the wholefood diet (or nutrition plan, if you are now getting confused!!) which means that if a food has not been tampered with in any way by man then it is very good for you. We also believe in moderation in all things and advise clients to try and follow the 80/20 rule. This means be good for 80% of the time so that you can be just a little bit bad for the other 20%.

Of course it’s a bit more technical and complex than that, if you want to know ALL the secrets then you’ll just have to buy a block booking of 6 or more personal training sessions, which will include nutritional help and assesment.

It’s just a name really (Diets Don’t Work) so don’t read too much into it-we just wanted something that was not too generic (Total Fitness, Agile Fitness and so on) and that implied that we don’t just do exercise and personal training but look at overall lifestyle changes that our clients will find achievable. This gives them a much greater chance of long term success.

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