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Why Personal Training?

By June 9, 2008 November 28th, 2011 No Comments

Some of us can get away with being self motivated enough to make ourselves exercise regularly and eat well. However when we look at the failure rate for gym use – 60% of people who join a gym don’t actually go at all after the first 2 weeks – and the failure rate for diets (90% of people on diets fail to lose weight and keep it off) we can see why personal training has become so popular in the Thames Valley and Berkshire. With a trainer you are making a commitment to turn up at a specific time, where you will be encouraged to do far more than you would do on your own without a personal trainer. What you do will also be carefully planned to maximise your results. Diets Don’t Work provides personal trainers in London, Windsor and Maidenhead, training at home and outdoors in many of the beautiful green spaces and parks in Berkshire; there’s no need for a gym membership, give it a go. All those celebrities can’t be wrong, it really does work.

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