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Women have tried 61 diets by the age of 45

By March 23, 2012 March 26th, 2012 No Comments

Whether it’s salad, Atkins, the soup diet or lighter life, women have tried every slimming trick in the book, says the Daily Mail. In fact, the average 45-year-old has been on 61 diets, a recent survey has found. Few of them would appear to have had the desired effect, however, as from the age of 16 that equates to around two a year. Logic dictates that even if only one of these diets worked then the subject would be slim and not need to try any more. Thus, diets don’t work.

In a poll of 2,000 British men and women, more than 75% had tried a diet in the past year. But women had attempted the biggest array of eating plans to try to shift the pounds. There are now fears that these fad diets are rubbing off on the next generation, causing potential future health problems.

Six out of ten people surveyed said they had been asked by their children not to give them foods such as bread, potatoes and fruit, believing they are bad for them, when they are healthy as part of a balanced diet.  Around half of parents did remove some of these foods from their children’s diet. More than 85 per cent of those surveyed on behalf of the bread company Warburtons said they did not know calcium was important to their diet and around half did not know calcium was found in white bread. The fact that this survey was commissioned by a bread maker, and markets bread as a good source of calcium is also of some concern.


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