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Yet Another personal Training Success Story

By April 6, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Yet another personal training success story, and also a very large well done to Catherine Elizabeth, who after completing nearly all her training runs and eating like a champ has finished her first ever half marathon under the target time (set by me!) of 2 hours and 10 minutes. Catherine, from Eton Wick, came to us 18 months ago to get help improving fitness and bum size. She has now lost lots of size around the waist and hips, and likes to show off her full man style push ups on the bar during a night out. I trained her myself for the 1/2, although she still had to do 4 other runs a week without me, nearly all of which she did. We also trained for it in the winter before the clocks went forward again, which makes it even tougher. But all those intervals and sprint work through Slough and the Jubilee river in the dark certainly paid off!!

So well done Cazza, we will be featuring her on our client spotlight  page very soon where you can read more about her triumph.  

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