Nutrition and Well-Being

Diets Dont Work

Advanced nutrition for health, weight loss and vitality 

Although nutritional analysis and advice form an intrinsic part of the Diets Don’t Work method and are included with all block bookings, we also offer a more advanced in-depth nutrition and well-being package. Perhaps you are motivated to exercise on your own but need some nutritional help. Or maybe you have signed up for a block of personal training sessions but want to have a more in depth, detailed understanding of nutrition and diet and how they affect body weight and composition.

Expert Nutrition and Well-Being looks at the complex and often contradictory field of optimum nutrition for health, vitality and weight loss. In this single 2 hour sessions we will look at the history of nutritional guidelines from governments, how our diets have changed historically, why sugar and starch make us more overweight than fat or protein and why timing of meals is important. We will… 

  • Take you through the history of nutrition and government  dietary guidelines that have led to 30 years of weight gain
  • Look at the food pyramid, health service advice and why the majority of what we are told by government and the media is wrong. Analysis of numerous long term studies and tests shows us how scientific evidence has often been misconstrued
  • Cover the key components that can trigger weight gain – and help achieve weight loss – regardless of calorific intake. Insulinaemia, the HPA and HPT axis, hormonal factors, craving and satiety are all discussed.
  • Learn about the effects of oestrogen and HRT and their implications on weight gain/loss
  • Explore practical and sustainable solutions to eating well, achieving your optimum weight and living a long, fit and happy life!

We also provide tailor made articles and meal plans that can address any eating issues that you may have in the past or present – from comfort eating to avalanche foods (once you start you can’t stop) to how to manage cravings.  To book or find out more, call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.