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Personal Trainer Maidenhead Berkshire

Get fit, lose weight and be healthy with an expert Diets Don’t Work personal trainer in Maidenhead. We also cover the surrounding Berkshire villages of Bray, Holyport and Cookham. Our experienced mobile team provide private one on one personal training at home and out doors in your garden or in one of Maidenhead’s great selection of 30 open spaces such as Braywick Park, Grenfell Park and Ray Mill Island to name a few.

Our packages include proven strategies to help sort out your eating and a realistic training  approach that offers short but effective exercise routines; for you to do as part of a session and on your own. You also get Berkshire’s largest online weight loss & fitness knowledge base and support outside the sessions via text or Whatsapp. Everything you need to succeed.

A professional personal trainer in Maidenhead by Diets Don’t Work can make health and fitness and weight loss not just possible but fun, rewarding and motivational.

It’s clever, simple and it really does achieve results!

Clever strategies to sort out your eating

Some of the techniques and advice we use – planning meals out; including regular but smart indulgence; using smart technology to track calories; help with food cravings; teaching why some foods make us hungrier or more likely to gain fat; understanding human energy systems and the role of insulin. Together we figure out which combination works for you to reach your goals.

All round realistic training approach

We make step by step tweaks to your eating, lifestyle, work/home/life balance, sleep patterns and general levels of activity. Small changes in lots of different but connected areas lead to lasting fitness and weight loss. We also understand there are some things you can’t change; you might always have to work late, be busy with the family or be with a group of people in situations where wise eating choices are difficult. We work around these challenges to change what you can alter, so you succeed regardless. 

Private training at home

No gym membership needed – you only pay for time with your trainer. We can workout with you in almost any space in your home no matter how small. Even a few stairs can be a challenge if approached in the right way. Your kitchen, office, deck or paving areas provide more than enough space for an inventive trainer with modern and innovative equipment to give you a challenging but fun workout.

More than “turn up – train – leave”

Unlike some gym based training where you turn up, train and then leave, exercise outside of your sessions is made achievable. Time-efficient homework routines that fit into your schedule are included in all block bookings of 6 or more sessions. A solo routine can be as short as 15 minutes! We also provide out of hours support via text and email plus homework articles for you to study. Home training also gives us a unique insight into your lifestyle and any changes needed to create a better balance.

“While my friends are struggling to keep up and be active I'm fitter than I was at 30 and certainly healthier and much lighter. You might think you can do it on your own but unless you're really disciplined you'll do so much better with a PT.”


Child friendly sessions – pets too!

Our home personal training in Maidenhead means no need for childminding or pet sitting. We’ve done workouts with babies in prams, dogs chewing balls, cats on sofas and even occasionally workouts including bored teenagers on school holidays.

All equipment provided

We have portable, versatile and modern kit for our training sessions that our trainers bring with them. Everything you need to gain strength, get fitter and gain a leaner body. We use free weights, barbells, Bosu balls, battle ropes, TRX training, Swiss balls, boxing gloves and more in the sessions – everything that you would find in a modern gym.

Your Personal Trainer Maidenhead:

Adam Atkinson