Pre-Natal Personal Training


Maintain fitness before and after birth with safe pre natal personal training

Current research shows that pre-natal personal training has huge benefits and that women can safely exercise and maintain their levels of fitness during the pre-natal period. Having a Personal Trainer in the build up to the birth gets you all the support and motivation of one-on-one training plus an expert on hand to make sure that you are doing the right exercises the right way, ensuring you and your baby are fit and well before, during and after pregnancy. Post-natal training can speed up your return to a normal weight. If you were entering a marathon you would want to be as fit as possible and would do some specific training to get ready for it. It makes sense then that as you know your body will be going through a traumatic event (birth), you should try to prepare for it by being physically fit and well.

Medical intervention less likely with pre natal training

Women who continue to exercise regularly throughout their pregnancies are less likely to need medical intervention during labour and delivery (i.e. pitocin use, forceps delivery, etc.). They also experience less time in both active labour and during the second (“pushing”) stage. Reports also show that being fit before giving birth makes getting back into shape after the big event much easier. With these findings in mind, more and more women are maintaining or starting exercise during their pregnancies.

Properly qualified pre natal personal trainers

Diets Don’t Work trainers are minimum REPS level 3 advanced trainers, qualified for pre and post natal training. We train mums to be careful and to proceed with a mum-knows-best common sense approach. We have trained mothers right up to due date with great results for both mum and baby. One Berkshire lady trained with us the same day as her c-section!

 Pre-natal personal training will:

Improve your posture, relieve the typical aches and pains of pregnancy, strengthen and  stretch your muscles and keep you energised and up-beat.
Help to control excess weight gain, and may help you relax and sleep better.
Increase your strength and stamina and help you cope better during labour. Your postpartum recovery will be quicker.
Help your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles regain their strength sooner and you will find it easier to return to your pre-pregnancy shape if your muscles are toned and stretched during pregnancy.
Benefit you once the baby has arrived by helping you gain and maintain strength throughout your pre-natal fitness training.

Good for your baby as well as for you

Research shows that babies of mums who exercised during pregnancy:

Are born healthier
Weigh more and have less body fat at birth
Are calmer
Handle labour better
Have significantly better oral language skills by the age of five

Even if you consider yourself a couch cabbage you can still benefit from some structured exercise during pregnancy and ensure that you lose your baby weight more easily after the birth.

Our trainers are properly qualified to train safely and effectively pre and post natal. Block bookings of six or more sessions include nutritional assessment and advice, helping you and your baby to get the best balance and nutrition for health and vitality. You also get gentle safe routines to do on your own outside of your one-on-one sessions plus support and encouragement via email and SMS.

What now? Book a first consultation – free

What Now?  The first step is to book a consultation. It’s free, and it’s a chance to meet your prospective trainer. In the consultation, we will go through a thorough health screening, lifestyle assessment, goal setting and nutritional analysis. Most importantly we will find out about your history, expectations and aims heading towards the special event.

If you would like to know what to expect in the sessions, what sort of equipment we will be using, or have any other questions have a look at our FAQ section too. You can of course also call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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References: Clapp III, James F. Exercising Through your Pregnancy. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 1998.