Confidence in social situations, 4 stones weight loss, competitive in a sport at national level and fit for life.


Following a BUPA health assessment, Nick enlisted Diets Don’t Work to help him reduce his cholesterol and get fit. The improvement was so dramatic his GP thought the measurements were wrong.


Dramatic fitness improvements and amazing weight loss leading to a truly life-changing experience!


Working with Diets Don’t Work helped Sharon lose over 3½ stone and run the UK Asthma 10k.


With the aim of making it onto the senior pro tour Trevor is now over 1.5 stones lighter whilst hitting the ball farther, straighter and with more control.


Frances felt a marathon was beyond her. With her trainer’s help she not only finished but won multiple prizes. She continues personal training to stay fit and flexible.

Claire and Ben

Claire and Ben set DDW training director Adam the challenge of knocking them into shape in time for their wedding day… in just 6 weeks.


Journalist Jane succeeded in losing 4 inches from her waist in a 6 week fitness campaign featured in Berkshire Living.


Two stones lost, an amazing new figure, a committed exerciser and also a husband beater (on the road bike, of course).


DDW trainer Annie was enlisted by Vanessa to help her train for the Great North Run and now trains with her every week.


Wendy’s original goal was to get back to a size 12; which was then followed up by completing the Benidorm Marathon.


Following 2 months of personal Training Vicki smashed her personal best in the Triatlon while remaining injury free for the first time.


Further testimonials from happy Diets Don’t Work clients.