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If you’ve tried every diet out there with little success, tried but never managed to get fit, you’re not alone. Our Berkshire based, mobile personal trainers, specialise in full body and lifestyle transformation. We do this through a programme of balanced eating and regular exercise. All provided in the privacy of your home, or a park local to you. A trim, fit and energised you is achievable working with a Diets Don’t Work Personal Trainer.  With our help, health and fitness can be motivating, fun and very rewarding.

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personal trainers in berkshire

Where we do it

We are a Berkshire based team of mobile private personal trainers. Covering: Windsor, Maidenhead, Sunningdale, Bracknell, Ascot and Reading. We come to you, with training in the privacy of your home or in green spaces local to you, with no gym membership to pay.

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What we do diets dont work

What we do

A full range of one-on-one and partner Personal Training and Nutritional Services. To help you get fit, lose weight, and feel better about yourself.

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50plus fitness
Pre & Post natal fitness
Wedding fitness
Nutrition & wellbeing
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How we do it

Our all-inclusive personal training is a balanced, step-by-step approach which
makes achievable changes to your eating habits,
exercise and lifestyle leading to lasting, sustainable transformations.

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Eat better

Sessions include nutritional coaching – ongoing assessment and clever, real-world strategies to improve your diet. We design a nutritional plan around work and family pressures, making change easier. Treats and indulgences are totally allowed.

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Train Smart

Our highly qualified and equipped trainers make the very most of your private sessions with professionally designed, energising workouts to sculpt and tone you. Personalised, smart and quick homework routines are included for fast progression. Support and regular contact via WhatsApp and text keep you motivated and honest.

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Think Positive

Improving your mental resilience, positivity and long term thinking are key components of lasting success. Identifying avalanche foods, recognising blips and celebrating small successes are all part of the process. Together we target any issues you may have had with nutrition and exercise to reset behaviour and thinking patterns.

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Live Well

Ongoing lifestyle assessments and coaching are included in all block bookings. Finding fun activities you like; increasing activity outside of the sessions: sleeping better; improving lifestyle balance; managing stress – these will all help to make you fitter, lighter and happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we train?

Our Personal Trainers do sessions in your home, garden and outdoors in parks and green spaces. You might think that your home has no real area for working out. But our experienced trainers are creative. They are able to work with any type of space from the living room to the garage or garden. Your workout will be very effective! We also encourage sessions outdoors. These have proven benefits over gym-based training. both in added calorie burn and increased feelings of wellbeing.

Do I need to be in reasonable shape before I start?

Absolutely not. The Diets Don’t Work Method means that we can help all sorts of people. From the overweight and unfit to those who are already at high fitness levels. The less fit you are in fact the greater and faster the gains can be. We will find your level and build from there. Our health screening consultation ensures that you are safe to begin exercise.

Do I need any equipment?

No, we will bring all necessary equipment to you. The equipment needs minimal room indoors and is very flexible outdoors. Our trainers focus on functional, varied and interesting exercises. We use weights, kettle bells, stability balls, boxing gloves and pads, skipping ropes, TRX suspension trainers, swing sticks, bodyweight exercises, steps, resistance cables and floor mats. Your body is also an effective tool for exercise – lots of training requires no kit at all!

What if I’m too old?

You’re never too old! The greater your age the greater the benefits are from Personal Training and healthy eating.  Diets Don’t Work believes that there is no upper age limit for gentle exercise and balanced nutrition.

I have injury/bad back, does this rule me out?

As long as you are medically cleared we are able to help you improve your health and fitness and also help rehabilitate you from injury. All Diets Don’t Work Personal Trainers are qualified sports therapists and have a wealth of experience in fixing injuries. We successfully work with physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, etc to whom we refer clients and have clients referred from.

How often should I train?

Most of our clients see their trainer 2-3 times per week. One session a week can still be effective as long as you follow our nutritional guidelines and a homework programme provided by us. More than 3 sessions a week is also fine and means that results may come faster than expected. We can advise what will be the most effective for your personal budget, time frame and starting point.

What sort of exercise will we do?

The Diets Don’t Work Method is based around sessions that deliver an integrated workout, starting with a warm up, then some CV work followed by resistance training and, finally, flexibility and stretching. You may do some jogging, cycling, boxercise, shuttle runs, stepping, circuits, lunges, free weights, resistance band work, skipping, core stability and lots more. It depends on your goals, ability and what you like!

When can I train?

Most of our Personal Trainers will start sessions at 6.30am with evening sessions up to 8pm. Even earlier or later times and weekends are available on request (subject to availability).

What happens in the consultation?

The consultation is a chance for you to meet your prospective trainer and to find out about the sessions, what sort of training methods we use and any other information that you need from us. There are some health screening aspects to the consult like blood pressure, resting heart rate and if needed a body fat % measurement. We also take a snapshot of sleep patterns, mental well-being, how you feel about eating, what your weak spots are and your potential strengths.

For us it’s a chance to build up as detailed a picture as possible of where you are now, what factors contributed to getting you there and how long the process has taken. With this detailed information we can then come up with the strategies that will help you succeed. There’s absolutely no pressure to sign up for any sessions during or after the consultation – if you’d like to think about it or feel it’s not for you that’s fine.

Personal Trainers in Berkshire

Diets Don’t Work