Personal Trainer Virginia Water

Private Personal Trainer Virginia Water

If you have tried to get fit and lose weight in the past but didn’t manage it then it’s time to get professional help. Diets Don’t Work have been offering health and fitness personal training in Virginia Water for over 16 years. We can give you the motivation, nutrition advice, expertise and support that you need to finally succeed. Our REPs Level 4 qualified and well-rounded private trainers come to your home at a time that works for you. We bring a modern, portable kit to sculpt and tone you. There’s no gym membership needed so you only pay for the time spent actually training.

Stay at Home! Our training services now online.

We now provide our personal training services online. Pre lockdown we were providing outdoors or garden based one on one sessions with proper socal distancing and will contiunue to do so when things change. Read more here.

Experienced REPS Level 4 well-rounded trainers

Our small team of trainers are properly qualified and on the register of exercise professionals. We’re also normal people who understand how difficult it can be to get fit and lose weight. We work around family, career and travel pressure to make sure exercise and healthy eating is achievable.

Step by step guidance to better nutrition included in every session

All block bookings with us include real-world techniques to help you eat better. Clever strategies and nutrition advice that include treats (and alcohol!) that allow you to lose weight, not feel deprived and produce results. Picking your battles and knowing when to go for it and when to just maintain weight is also important.

Over a decade’s experience of fitness and weight loss

Since 2004 we have made hundreds of clients fit, toned and healthy. We’ve also helped them get into exercise as a way of life while making healthy eating habitual. Many have even discovered a hidden talent for sports! Our mantra has always been to teach healthy living that will outlast a thousand fads.

Specialists in fitness over 40

With most of our small experienced team in their 30s and 40s (and over) we are experts in personal training for the over 40s. Our emphasis is on strength training, balance, short HIIT and flexibility. Sensible exercise at a pace you can handle coupled with healthy eating and planned treats.

Big picture thinking

One or two sessions is great and will be effective. Improving your whole week will make progress even faster. Together we work out what activities you enjoy and add them in. We provide short, time-efficient routines for you to do on your own.  A weekly plan could include finding an additional exercise class or group that works with your schedule. It could be getting you into a new sport or activity. Anything that encourages you to be fit and active!

Dogs, cats and children welcome

Sessions are child and pet-friendly. Part of long term success is about removing barriers to fitness. Not having child care or a dog sitter might have been an issue when making time for exercise. We train clients with dogs, cats and even infants in prams. Where possible we also train outdoors in parks and green spaces local to you. Trials and studies have shown that this adds even more benefits to exercise. It’s especially good for mental well-being.

Getting you up to speed with smart apps and gadgets

Part of our all-round approach to personal training is teaching clients to use technology like smartphones, trackers and watches. Digital scales can show how your muscle mass is increasing even while losing weight. Tracking steps or setting reminders. Short, timed homework routines.  All these marginal gains will help you reach – and maintain – your goals.

So much more than turn up – train – leave PT

Home training gives us great insight into clients’ lives. Over time we learn about family routines, work stress and where it may be going wrong with your eating. This makes it easier to design homework and nutritional plans that you can stick with. We can have a sneaky look at your cupboards and fridge and design homework that works in your home.

Book a first consultation – free

What Now?  Take the first step and contact us to book a free consultation.  It’s an opportunity to meet your prospective trainer. During the consultation we look carefully at how you got to where you are now and what may have hindered success in the past. Togther we then make a plan of action to get you where you would like to be. We can aso go through what to expect in the sessions, start to formulate te best nutritional approach and find out what you like.

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