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Get fit and lose weight with a personal trainer in Virginia Water from Diets Don’t Work. We have been offering health and fitness personal training in Virginia Water for over 16 years. We can give you the motivation, nutrition advice, expertise, and support that you need to finally reach your goals.

Our REPs Level 4 qualified and well-rounded private trainers come to your home at a time that works for you. We bring the best, portable kit to sculpt and tone you. There’s no gym membership needed so you only pay for the time spent actually training.

  • One on One training, with a partner, or small group
  • Health & Fitness package for Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • No Crash or Fad Diets, Proven nutritional techniques.
  • Specialist training for over 50s
  • Train at home, garden, or at a local park.
  • Realistic, effective, training routines
  • Homework and online support
  • All training equipment provided
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Experienced REPS Level 4 well-rounded trainers

Our team of personal trainers are properly qualified and on the register of exercise professionals. We’re also normal people who understand how difficult it can be to get fit and lose weight. We work around family, career, and travel pressure to make sure exercise and healthy eating is achievable.

Nutritional Advice

Step by step guidance to better nutrition included in every session

All block bookings with us include real-world techniques to help you eat better. Clever strategies and nutrition advice that include treats (and alcohol!) that allow you to lose weight, not feel deprived and produce results. Allowing leeway for stressful weeks or special occasions and having specific achievable targets are just two strategies we use.

Equipment provided

Training Kit Provided

Your trainer will bring a portable, versatile and functional kit with them. Everything you need for a full exercise programme and workout. We use free weights, barbells, Bosu and Swiss balls, TRX, boxing gloves, and more in the sessions. Everything that you would find in a modern gym.

50 plus fitness virginia water

Specialists in fitness over 50

With most of our small experienced team in their 30s and 40s we are experts in personal training for the over 50s. As we age the benefits of strength and fitness really set us apart from our unfit peers. Our emphasis is on strength training, balance, agility and flexibility. Sensible exercise at a pace you can handle is coupled with healthy eating and planned treats.

working together

Homework & 24/7 Support included

Home training gives us great insight into clients’ lives. Over time we learn about family routines, work stress and where it may be going wrong with your eating. This makes it easier to design homework and nutritional plans that you can stick with. We can have a sneaky look at your cupboards and fridge and design homework that works in your home.

Big picture

Big Picture Thinking

One or two sessions are great and will be effective. Improving your whole week will make progress even faster. Together we work out what activities you enjoy and add them in. We provide short, time-efficient routines for you to do on your own.  A weekly plan could include finding an additional exercise class or group that works with your schedule. It could be getting you into a new sport or activity. Anything that encourages you to be fit and active!.

Specialist Areas

50 Plus Fitness

Pre and Postnatal

Wedding Fitness

Fit for Polo

Fit for Golf

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Get your free consultation
Get started on the path to a healthier you by booking a free initial consultation. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your trainer. The consultation includes a health screening and lifestyle assessment, as well as goal setting, an analysis of where you are, and an evaluation of how you got there. Together, we’ll find out what you need and answer any questions you might have.

You can reach us by phone at 07830 148300 or by completing our contact form.

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