Personal Trainer Wentworth

Personal Trainer Wentworth

Diets Don’t Work provides you with a qualified private personal trainer in Wentworth. As we are not gym-based the one-on-one sessions takes place in the privacy of your own home. We also take advantage of the many local green spaces and parks.

Our mobile trainers come equipped with the latest innovative kit and a sense of humour. The sessions are fun, challenging, and varied, as well as tailored to your goals and needs. Together we can get you fit slim and feeling great.

Train at home – online!

We are fully operational with online one on one or private group personal training. This may remain your preferred method of safe and private fitness training. We are now also back with in person, one to one home, outdoors, or garden-based one on one sessions with proper social distancing.

Proven strategies to sort out your eating included

A huge part of getting fit and losing weight is of course nutrition. Our all-round approach looks at your lifestyle. We review your work pressures, eating, sleep patterns, and stress levels. We then put in place step by step sustainable change that you can handle. Block bookings of 6 sessions or more include ongoing nutritional analysis and support.

Help and support outside of the training sessions

Two or three sessions with us will make you fitter and stronger. Yet we also focus on what happens outside the sessions. Advice on what to eat at a business function. Which alcoholic drinks have the fewest calories. What type of home-work exercise routines to do are all part of making you fitter and healthier.

Application of smart technology for fitness and weight loss

To make fitness and weight loss easier we help clients use smart technology. We use apps like myfitnesspal, weightloss resources , Interval timer and fitness trackers. These help with eating, getting homework done and staying active. This technology can be frustrating to use at first. Luckily we’ve got in-depth knowledge of them and can get you up and running on them with minimal stress.

All equipment provided

Our trainers bring modern, portable and clever equipment with them. Everything you need for a full workout. We use free weights, barbells, Bosu balls, battle ropes, TRX training, Swiss balls, boxing gloves and more. Everything that you would find in a modern gym.

Golf and polo specific training

With the wealth of world-class golf courses locally (including Wentworth, Sunningdale and The Royal Berkshire) we can give you one on one sessions designed specifically to improve the muscles and systems used in these very specific sports. We target sling systems, dynamic hip stability, rotational speed, power and general conditioning. The sessions will have you driving farther, staying on your horse longer and feeling fit and stable.

Pet and child-friendly sessions

Home training means no need for childminding or pet sitting. We often do workouts with babies, dogs, cats and even sessions including bored teenagers on school holidays.

Your Personal Trainer Wentworth: