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Highly Qualified Personal Trainer in Bracknell

Specialising in full body transformations since 2004, Diets Don’t Work can help you get fit, slim and toned with a supportive, highly qualified and experienced personal trainer in Bracknell and the surrounding areas.

Home delivery – we specialise in home visits with the sessions taking place in the privacy of your own home, garden, deck…we can make any space work. Your personal trainer comes fully equipped with the latest equipment for a fun, varied and effective workout.

Unique insight for success – home visits give us a big advantage over gym based training as we tend to get a much better feel for the factors that have come together to make people unfit and unhealthy. Lifestyle, work balance, family pressures, low activity levels and in particular unhealthy eating are all aspects that we need to change together. It also helps us rally family or partner support which is important for your weight loss and fitness mission to succeed.

Outdoors trainingwe encourage clients to do sessions outdoors in parks, gardens and green spaces too. It’s generally better for you especially if you’ve been stuck in an office all week.  Many studies have shown this type of training to be more beneficial than traditional gym based exercise.

Time and cost effective – no commuting through traffic to the gym, no membership fees. You only pay for the time with your trainer.

A Personal Trainer in Bracknell by Diets Don’t Work makes fitness and weight loss not just possible but rewarding and motivational. It’s that simple and it really does work – see our success stories!









The Diets Don’t Work Method

All our personal trainers in Bracknell use the Diets Don’t Work Method. We don’t just deal with exercise. In our all round approach we make step by step changes to all the different factors that combined to make you unfit and perhaps overweight. All block bookings of six or more sessions include all the support, motivation and expertise that you need to finally succeed.

Improve your diet in a real-word approach through on-going nutritional analysis and help.
Homework exercise to really speed up your progress, we also get you going on your own with clever and time efficient routines that are tailored to your level.
Help using fitness apps for both mental and physical well-being.
Support and encouragement via SMS and email
A huge database of blog posts covering all aspects of fitness from menopause to low calorie chocolate
Encouragement to be fit for life not just while you are with us.  

What Now? Book a first consultation – free

The first step to getting fit and slim with a personal trainer Bracknell is to contact us to book a consultation. It’s free, and it’s a chance to meet your prospective trainer. In the consultation we will go through a health screening, lifestyle assessment, goal setting and look at where you are now and how you got there. We also go through how the sessions work and what to expect. Together we can then make a plan of action to get you where you would like to be and can answer any questions you might have.

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