Personal Trainer Ascot

Personal Trainer Ascot

Diets Don’t Work will provide you with a highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer in Ascot that is uniquely qualified to your individual needs and requirements. We are not gym based so our private one on one, or partner, personal training happens in the privacy of your own home or garden.

Our team of mobile trainers come fully equipped with innovative modern kit for a fun, varied, individual, physical and effective workout.  We also encourage clients to train outdoors in parks, gardens and green spaces. Perfect for the office-bound or the gym-phobic.

Many studies, and our experience, have shown this type of training and conditioning to be more beneficial than traditional gym-based exercise. Our local trainers in Ascot make fitness and weight loss not just possible but rewarding and motivational.

It’s that simple and it really does work!

“I was a size 12 and after a few months got to size 10 with good muscle definition all over.
Couldn't believe it ! Very pleased with the results. I am much stronger, fitter overall and
enjoy the compliments from my boyfriend, family and friends :)”

Hanna, Ascot
Go on, do it. Book a free consultation.

The Diets Don’t Work Method

All of our personal trainers use the Diets Don’t Work Method. An all round approach that looks at eating well for health and vitality combined with structured exercise that fits into your lifestyle.

Block bookings of six or more sessions include all the support, motivation and expertise that you need to get really fit and toned. Providing you with an analysis of your eating habits, with step by step changes that you can adopt and stick with.

We also provide support and encouragement via text and email. We look at your whole situation and enable change where needed.

More than “turn up – train – leave”

Unlike typical gym-based training where you turn up, train and then leave, we get you working out outside of your sessions. We include time efficient homework routines ( as short as 15 minutes!) that fit into your schedule. We also provide out of hours support via text and email plus easy homework articles for you to study. Home training also gives us a much better insight into your lifestyle than gym-based sessions. This makes it easier to address the root causes of weight gain.

Application of smart technology for fitness and weight loss

We encourage clients to use smart technology to make fitness and weight loss easier. Apps like myfitnesspal and weightloss resources help to keep your eating on track. Interval timer makes homework routines quick and time-efficient. Fitness trackers will help to increase activity outside of your personal training. This technology can be frustrating to use on your own but we can get you up and running on them smoothly with minimal stress.

Pet and child-friendly sessions

Home training means no need for childminding or pet sitting. We’ve done workouts with babies in prams, dogs chewing balls, cats on sofas and workouts including bored teenagers on school holidays.

Great scenery for outdoors training

The Ascot area has many amazing venues for training outdoors. Running or power walking at Virginia Water lake or cycling intervals in the Great Park.  Even sessions on the Heath will all make you feel fit and alive.

Book a first consultation – free

What Now?  Take the first step and contact us to book a free consultation.  It’s an opportunity to meet your prospective trainer. During the consultation, we go through a health screening, lifestyle assessment and goal setting. We look at where you are now, how you got there and where you want to get to.  Jointly we then make a plan of action to get you where you would like to be. As well as  answer any questions you might have.

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