12 minute workout

12 minute workout – short and to the point

In many of our personal training sessions, we use an app called interval timer. This neat tool can be programmed to do both simple and complex intervals – you could set it to simply signal 30-second intervals of work and recovery, or you can set more complex intervals, where warm-up, work, recovery and cool down can all be added in. On top of that, you can make the intervals different to each other, alter the recovery and change the work/recovery times too.

The benefits of the 12 minute timed session

The session is short – perfect for someone who struggles to commit to anything longer; suitable for someone with little time and easy to fit into the day.

The session is structured – the benefit of using the timer is the structure it provides. Faffing about is completely eliminated, you go when the timer buzzes, you rest when the bell clangs (you can set the sounds to ones you like).

It’s all-inclusive. Although based on strength training, the low recovery and compound, whole-body exercises used means that you get not just body sculpting strength training but a breathless pulse raiser too.

It’s suitable for all levels and easily adaptable. The interval timer routine can be easily changed to suit a beginner or a seasoned exerciser. Exercise one, for example, could be a 3/4 push up (from the knees) for a beginner or a full push up into a burpee for someone more advanced.

Timer settings for the 12 minute workout

The workout is based on a cycle of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of recovery. It has 2 sections in which there are 8 lots of work and recovery. We use pairs of opposing exercises in each block – so 4 sets of push ups and jumping squats as the first two in this example. Confused? Just set up the timer to match the settings here:

 workout timer

Push ups 20 seconds
10 sec rest
Jumping Squats 20 seconds
10 seconds rest

Repeat another 3 times, so 4 sets on each in total

45 seconds rest

Inverted row TRX or bent over row with weights 20 seconds
10 seconds rest
Squat thruster – squat with a weight pressed overhead
10 seconds rest

Repeat another 3 times, so 4 sets on each.

Cool down

That’s it. We recommend stretching only at the end of the routine when the muscles are warmed up and pliable.

Contact us if you would like a free 12 minute workout tailored just to you.